Accordingly, the Office of the National Assembly of Vietnam and the Office of the Lok Sabha of India will make efforts to strengthen collaboration in exchanging information and improving access to the collection and database of digital documents of two sides’ libraries.

At the signing ceremony

They will cooperate in sharing experience in digitizing resources and supplementing digital resources for the library for mutual benefits. The two sides will use an information exchange system on library activities and share digital documents and non-confidential parliamentary documents in accordance with the provisions of each side.

Efforts will be made by the two sides to implement a mechanism to exchange broadcasts and television programs related to the parliament activities in the legislative process, monitoring, and accountability, as well as other common issues. Products, information and documents within the cooperation framework are guaranteed in terms of intellectual property rights by both sides in line with laws of each side international treaties to which the two countries are members. The transfer of these products to a third party is subject to the consent of the other party.

The two sides will assign the library of N.A. and N.A. Television of Vietnam to coordinate with the library and the Indian Parliamentary Television in the implementation of the contents of the MoU.

Source: VNA