The guest introduces Granma daily to the host.

According to Loforte, the Granma daily currently publishes 500,000 copies per day and distributed in 38 countries. It also produces radio and television programs, as well as promotes its presence on social media.  

Granma wants to learn from experiences in developing model of convergence newsrooms, modern journalism and increase presence on social networks and other interactive information platforms in order to attract young people, and fight misinformation and slander by hostile forces, she said.

Through the working visit to the VNA, the newspaper wishes to exchange experiences in digital transformation, how to produce news in cyber environment and access young viewers, she went on.

At the working session

For her part, the VNA leader noted that VNA and Granma share many similarities. She said as the key national press agency providing official information to domestic and foreign media outlets, VNA is developing following the model of a multimedia press agency.

The general director briefed the guest on the organizational structure of VNA, with seven source news departments, 10 electronic and print newspapers, one TV channel and one publishing house, along with supporting units. The agency has a network of 63 bureaus in all provinces and centrally-run cities in Vietnam, and 30 overseas bureaus in all five continents, including one in Havana, Cuba.

The Granma daily's Deputy Director Arlin Alberty Loforte speaks at the meeting.

She thanked the leaders and colleagues of Granma daily for their enthusiastic and effective support of VNA's correspondents in Havana, expressing the hope that they will continue to coordinate and support their colleagues from the VNA’s office in Cuba in the coming time.

On this occasion, the Granma daily’s delegation visited a number of units of the VNA to learn about VNA's operation model.

Source: VNA