AJC Secretary General Masataka Fujita speaking at an event in 2019

He made the statement in an exclusive interview ahead of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)’s leadership election, which will be held on September 14.

He said before Abe took office in December in 2012, the bilateral relationship was already good, with the Vietnam-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement signed.

According to Masataka Fujita, Abe helped the relations thrive further. After assuming the position, he chose Vietnam as the first destination for his trips overseas and always wanted to boost the Vietnam-Japan relations. His tenure that lasted nearly eight years, the longest in Japan’s history, was key to the stability of the ties.

He noted before Abe, even during the period when Japan often saw new PMs taking office, the relationship with ASEAN and Vietnam did not change much. 

As long as the LDP remains the ruling party in Japan, there will be no changes and Japan's ties with ASEAN and Vietnam will continue growing strongly, he said.

Source: VNA