At the meeting, Hien underlined that the meaningful visit of Novak and her entourage to Vietnam took place at a time when Vietnam and Hungary are going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties (February 3, 1950-2020).

The long-standing Vietnam-Hungary friendship has been cultivated by generations of people from both sides. The Vietnamese Party, State, and people have always treasured Hungary’s support and assistance to Vietnam during the national salvation cause in the past and the current national construction and defense cause.

Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Phung Quoc Hien (R) and Vice President Katalin Novak

Hien congratulated the Fidesz for winning elections in Hungary over the past time and underlined that the Hungarian right-wing ruling party has contributed considerably to the development of the Central European country.

The host also mentioned the growing relations between the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Fidesz, especially their memorandum of understanding on cooperation in 2017. Besides, the ties between the two parliaments and governments has been enhanced actively and proactively.

However, though the bilateral two-way trade has recorded a positive trend, it is not on a par with the potential of the two countries. Thus, through the visit of Novak to Vietnam, the two sides should further discuss approaches to tap cultural and economic cooperation in fields of their strength such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and tourism, in order to keep up with the bilateral sound political relationship.

For her part, Novak believed that her visit to Vietnam will contribute to deepening the traditional relations between the two parties and countries.

Agreeing with Hien’s statements, she emphasized the close coordination between Vietnam and Hungary over the past time. For instance, Budapest provided Official Development Assistance (ODA) loans worth EUR 440 million to Hanoi during the period.

Translated by Van Hieu