Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son

Minister Son thanked the Hungarian Government for providing scholarships for Vietnamese officials and students to study at prestigious Hungarian universities, from five in 2012 to 200 each year since 2018.

He expressed his pleasure at the fine development of the Vietnam-Hungary cooperation in education to become one of the highlights in the bilateral diplomatic cooperation. He took the Vietnam-Hungary Education Cooperation Forum held on June 27 as an example, during which nine memoranda of understanding (MoUs) between the two sides’ universities were exchanged.

Minister Csak emphasised that the Hungarian Government's policy is to expand cooperation with Asian countries, and Vietnam has always been its important partner.

He said that the nine new MoUs will be effectively implemented, thus helping further promote educational cooperation between the two countries.

The exchange of delegations as well as the opening of more educational institutions will receive the participation and support of Hungary, but there need specific and core projects to achieve the highest efficiency, he noted.

Minister Son proposed prioritise the fields of pharmaceuticals and agriculture in training collaboration in the coming time.

He also suggested the Hungarian side open more Hungarian language training programs, with the engagement of leading Hungarian experts, in Vietnam, adding that this will be an important factor to make the two countries' educational cooperation develop sustainably.

Source: VNA