Ngoc said the signing reaffirms desire and determination of the two countries' ministries in strengthening legal and judicial collaboration in order to help them well perform theirs functions and tasks, actively contributing to strengthening the sound friendship between the two countries.

Vietnam and Algeria sign an agreement on judicial cooperation program for the 2024-2025 period during a recent working trip of a delegation of the Ministry of Justice to the Northern African country.

Speaking after the ceremony, Director General of Algeria’s Department of Legal and Judicial Affairs Ben Salem Abdarrazzak stressed that the relationship between Vietnam and Algeria is deep and sustainable, highlighting the Southeast Asian country is also a strategic partner of Algeria.

He also spoke highly of the cooperation program, and expected it will help the two sides boost existing activities while opening more cooperative opportunities in judicial of the two countries.

Since Vietnam and Algeria established bilateral diplomatic relations in 1962, the two countries’ relationship has achieved positive outcomes in various fields, including legal and judicial cooperation. They signed three Memoranda of Understanding on civil and commercial, and criminal and extradition matters.

Over the past years, the two sides have implemented many cooperative activities, including exchanges of delegations at the ministerial level, department level, experts to share mutual experiences in legal and judicial works, particularly in building and perfecting their legal systems, judicial reforms, management of judicial professions, and training of judicial officials.

Source: VNA