Congratulating Deirdre Ní Fhallúin on her appointment as Irish Ambassador to Vietnam, President Vo Van Thuong expressed his belief that Fhallúin will make substantial contribution to the two countries’ relations.

Irish Ambassador Deirdre Ní Fhallúin presents her credentials to President Vo Van Thuong (left).

Fhallúin noted with satisfaction the recovery and enhancement of bilateral relations after the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the two sides have increased all-level mutual visits.

She said the Irish President is very impressed with his previous visit to Vietnam and hopes that the Vietnamese President will visit Ireland soon.

President Vo Van Thuong and Italian Ambassador Marco Della Seta 

The ambassador went on to say that during her term in Vietnam, a new strategy will be carried out so that cooperation will become more productive and practical on the basis of the existing pillars, including official development assistance (ODA), education - training, and people-to-people exchanges.

The host leader appreciated the opinions and asked both sides to promote collaboration in all fields, from politics, diplomacy, economy, investment to education - training and people-to-people exchanges, and share common perceptions about regional and international issues.

President Vo Van Thuong welcomes RoK Ambassador Choi Young-sam.

Vietnam wishes the two countries will further expand cooperation to new areas in order to generate practical benefits for each side, he emphasized.

He also affirmed relevant agencies of Vietnam will work closely with the ambassador, adding that he believes Fhallúin will succeed in helping realize both countries’ development expectations.

At the reception for Italian Ambassador Marco Della Seta, President Vo Van Thuong thanked the Italian Embassy for its coordination with Vietnamese agencies to help with his recent fruitful State visit to the European country.

He wished the diplomat a successful term to strongly step up the two countries’ relations in the spirit of their strategic partnership.

Seta said his country highly values the President’s visit, and that he will quickly start his work in Vietnam, especially the implementation of the joint statement on enhancing the bilateral strategic partnership, including opening an Italian culture center in Vietnam, fostering cultural ties, and boosting people-to-people exchanges.

The two sides will also tighten economic and trade links, as well as cooperation at international and multinational forums, the ambassador went on.

The State leader said he believes with the close and effective coordination from relevant Vietnamese agencies, Seta will help to significantly step up the countries’ strategic partnership in all aspects.

Vietnam pledges to actively and effectively carry out the joint statement between the two countries’ leaders, President Thuong remarked, describing “action” as an important factor of cooperation achievements while calling for stronger cooperation in the coming time.

Talking to RoK Ambassador Choi Young-sam, the President voiced his belief that as an experienced diplomat, Choi will take practical measures to help the two countries’ relations secure even greater attainments.

He held that the recent visit to Vietnam by RoK President Yoon Sok Yeol has heralded a new period of bilateral cooperation.

Ambassador Choi noted President Yoon highly valued the outcomes of his trip to Vietnam and stressed Vietnam is a highly important partner of the Northeast Asian nation.

He pledged utmost efforts to further promote the two sides’ comprehensive strategic partnership, which is now in its prime.

The diplomat called on Vietnamese ministries, sectors, and localities to continue supporting Korean companies’ investment and business activities. He also proposed cooperation be strengthened in climate change response and economic security.

He also expressed his hope that the State leader will pay a visit to the RoK in the near future. In response, the host leader said the trip will be arranged at a suitable point of time.

At the meeting with Lithuanian Ambassador Darius Gaidys, President Vo Van Thuong affirmed that Vietnam attaches importance to relations with the European country, adding he believes during Gaidys’s term, relations between both nations will record faster progress.

The new ambassador said the Lithuanian Government is implementing a new development strategy that is favorable for reinforcing ties with Vietnam.

He suggested both sides explore new cooperation opportunities apart from food trading, and increase delegation exchanges at all levels so as to enhance all-round ties in the time ahead.

Mr. Thuong perceived that there remains much room for bilateral ties, particularly in economy, trade and investment. He stated Vietnam wishes to boost collaboration with Lithuania in all spheres, from politics, diplomacy, culture to trade, investment, and people-to-people exchanges.

He showed his support for the ambassador’s proposals, especially increasing all-level mutual visits to bolster cooperation chances.

The State leader added that he hopes to welcome the Lithuanian President on a visit to Vietnam in the coming time.

Source: VNA