With the theme 'French - Vietnamese Spring', the 40m long, 3.5m wide painting has been created on a dyke of the Seine River, featuring various flowers with the background of a blue sky.

Artists from New Hanoi Art Company including Nguyen Thu Thuy, Tran Dinh, Huy Quan, Cao Quyen and Dinh Huy worked on it this month.

A mural featuring Vietnamese and French flowers has been inaugurated in the Parisian suburb of Choisy-le-Roi.

The inauguration ceremony on June 26 was attended by Choisy-le-Roi Mayor Didier Guillaume, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Nguyen Thiệp as well as Vietnamese and French authorities and cultural managers.

“We are proud to have a chance to paint on such a nice and famous place like this,” said Thuy.

“The process was not easy because we painted on the rough surface of a concrete dyke in the radiant sunlight,” she said.

“The vitality of spring and nature symbolizes the long-standing friendship between two nations. We are happy to contribute to create another symbol of that friendship.

“The painting contains the love and friendship of Vietnamese people to French people.

Thuy also created a ceramic collage entitled Vietnam – France Friendship in 2013 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Paris Protocol. The artwork is currently displayed at Choisy Le Roi City Hall.

During 1968 and 1973, the government and people of Choisy Le Roi supported Vietnamese delegations in negotiations and protests for peace.

Choisy le Roi City and Hanoi's Dong Da district also set up sisterhood in 1973 to help rebuild the district after the war.

Source: VNA