Accordingly, JICA will help the SSC and the two local stock exchanges – the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange and the Hanoi Stock Exchange – raise their capacity in monitoring the stock market and market intermediaries, managing the share listing and issuance, and in raising awareness of local companies in protecting their investors.

At the signing ceremony

Under the three-year project agreement, scheduled to start in 2019, JICA will support local market regulators review legal frameworks, provide training activities, update manuals and adjust relevant policies.

The project is developed as an addition to Vietnam’s plan on securities market development for 2012-2020 that was approved by the Vietnamese Prime Minister in 2012, aiming to make the Vietnamese market integrate into regional and international markets.

In the 2011-2015 period, the Vietnamese Government applied drastic measures to push the equitation of State-owned enterprises (SOEs), particularly the State-run corporations and groups, that played important roles in the Vietnamese economic development.

Besides, more private companies have listed their shares on the two local stock exchanges. This helped expand their business operations and diversify capital resources.

Reported Chung Anh