According to the ministry, the two leaders held a candid exchange of views for the future development of bilateral relations under the new partnership.

At the talks between President Vo Van Thuong and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo on November 27

In the economic field, Kishida expressed his desire to further strengthen cooperation with Vietnam, an important supply chain hub and one of the most promising investment destinations, in order to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Partnership (FOIP)” and to promote initiatives that will lead to growth and vitality of the entire region.

Thuong supported Kishida’s statement, and the two sides confirmed their further collaboration on major ODA and investment projects.

The two sides concurred to cooperate in the high-tech sector, digital transformation (DX), and green transformation (GX). The leaders said they will work together for the success of the Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) Summit to be held on the occasion of the Commemorative Summit for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation in December.

In the security field, both sides agreed to expand defense exchanges and promote cooperation for the transfer of defense equipment. They welcomed the recent provision of training-related equipment to the Vietnam Coast Guard Education and Training Center, and concurred in proceeding with cooperation through such programs as the “Official Security Assistance (OSA).”

Kishida stated that Vietnamese human resources are essential for Japan's socio-economic development, while Thuong expressed his hope for further cooperation from the Japanese government to strengthen people-to-people exchange, including among the younger generation, and to enable Vietnamese residents in Japan to play an even more active role.

Concerning regional and international affairs, the two leaders shared their view to work more closely together in dealing with regional and international affairs, including the ASEAN-Japan commemorative summit, the East Sea (South China Sea) issue, and the realization of a “World without Nuclear Weapons.”

Following the meeting, the leaders issued a joint statement, announced the elevation of the Japan-Vietnam ties, and witnessed the exchange of cooperation documents.

Source: VNA