At the meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, participants discussed in-depth related responsibilities, powers, working time, salary and bonus regimes of trade union staff; as well as labor relations towards tackling conflicts and welfare for members.

At the meeting

Pham Chi Tam, Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh City Labor Federation, said the organization, grouping more than 1.3 million members, has taken care of its member’s physical life and diversified their spiritual life via cultural, sports, and tourism activities.

Tam also introduced the local dialogue program at the workplace, employee conferences, and the negotiation and signing of collective labor agreements to strengthen the protection of rights and interests of its members.

Choi Kwang-min, President of the Busan Metropolitan City Civil Service Labor Union, said it is the only organization representing workers in the state sector and is one of the three largest trade unions in the RoK.

He noted its missions are to help businesses since their inception; support businesses and employees; and conduct surveys to improve the working environment and relations between employers and employees.

Source: VNA