At a reception for Sofia’s Vice Mayor Doncho Petrov Barbalov on March 12, Ha said many cooperation agreements were signed between hospitals of Hanoi and Sofia. 

Vice Chairwoman of the Hanoi People’s Council Phung Thi Hong Ha ​and Vice Mayor of Bulgaria's Sofia capital city Doncho Petrov Barbalov

The official informed her guest that the Bulgarian rose festival was held in Hanoi from March 8-11, attracting crowds of Vietnamese and foreigners.

Ha said she hopes Barbalov and his entourage will use the occasion to explore Hanoi, especially its UNESCO-recognized sites, craft villages and cuisine.

For his part, Barbalov such programs as the recent Bulgaria rose festival have created a foundation for Hanoi and Sofia, and the two countries to enhance their partnerships in trade and tourism.

The Vice Mayor called on the two sides to step up their collaboration in transport, environmental hygiene, health care, education and tourism.

Source: VNA