They played sports with disabled children and conveyed New Year wishes which were recorded in a video clip lasting over three minutes.

Ambassadors and Chargé d'affaires to Vietnam visiting Village Chance

Founded in 1993, Village Chance is part of Maison Chance project invested by Maison Chance whose founder is Tim Aline Rebeaud, a Swiss woman dedicated to the disabled and the poor in Vietnam, and the Ho Chi Minh City Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients. It has supported hundreds of the less fortunate in Vietnam since its establishment.

New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Trendene Dobson called for mitigating barriers to the handicapped in their daily lives, adding that an inclusive society is the one that recognizes and respects all individuals, including those with disabilities, as equal partners.

Undertaking his mission in Vietnam in May 2022, Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam Shawn Steil expressed his support for an inclusive education in Vietnam which enables everyone to make the most of their potential.

In the video clip, Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam Hilde Solbakken was seen to draw a cat and décor paintings for Tet. She said sustainable employment is key to ending poverty and ensuring social integration. She wished that everyone would have a chance to integrate into and proudly join labour force this year, toward achieving a prosperous and inclusive society.

Stressing that solidarity brings about a stronger and richer society, Swiss Chargé d'affaires to Vietnam thanked Maison Chance for creating a shelter for those in need and inviting all to act in unity together.

Source: VNA