The article entitled “Giving opinions to the draft documents of the National CPV Congress” praises that the CPV has publicly posted all of its draft documents for the upcoming 13th National CPV Congress and calls on not only Party members but also all Vietnamese people to give their comments and ideas to the draft documents. This shows that the CPV respects democracy on the one hand, and the CPV is the political party of the entire Vietnamese people on the other hand.

The article valuing the CPV's preparation for the 13th National Party Congress

The draft documents include major objectives and directions for national development, which aim at building a prosperous and happy socialist country of Vietnam by 2050.

The article notes that the draft documents define “happiness” for the people as one of the major criteria of national development.

According to the CPS, the great outcomes of the CPV’s leadership in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year demonstrate that the party always gives first and foremost priority to securing a peaceful and happy life for the Vietnamese people. “Happiness” should be understood as the people’s satisfaction with not only policies for national development but also practical social values, helping protect people’s lives and improving their quality of life. 

The article also summarizes Vietnam’s development objectives for the years to come. Accordingly, Vietnam will become a middle-income developing country with a dynamic economy with some modern industries by 2025, an upper-middle-income nation towards a green economy by 2030, and a high-income nation with a green and industrialized economy by 2045. Citing the draft documents of the CPV, the article reveals that Vietnam will continue developing the model of a socialist-oriented market economy to achieve all of the objectives.

Praising Vietnam’s great achievements over the past decades, the article writes, “It must be noted that from an underdeveloped and war-torn country, under the sound leadership of the CPV, Vietnam has developed into a lower-middle-income developing nation with big successes in national socio-economic development over the past years.”

On the same day, the CPS sent a letter of congratulations to the CPV in lead up to the upcoming 13th National CPV Congress. In the letter, the CPS highlights Vietnam as a heroic nation in the wars against foreign invaders, as well as a hard-working, peace-loving and friendly nation which is striving to build a prosperous and happy society.

Translated by Thu Nguyen