Ambassador Nguyen Van Thao thanked Flahaut for the warm sentiments that he and the group of Belgian parliamentarians sponsoring a resolution on support for Vietnamese AO victims approved by the Belgian parliament in October, have shown towards Vietnamese AO victims.

At the ceremony

The diplomat highly appreciated the efforts and contributions that Flahaut has made, together with other parliamentarians, organizations and individuals in Belgium as well as international friends, to assist AO victims in Vietnam.

For his part, Flahaut affirmed that he will exert every effort to bring good things to AO victims in Vietnam with the hope that they will have a better life.

The Belgian lawmaker showed his delight at the growing ties between Belgium and Vietnam over the years with many high-ranking visits, most recently the Belgium visit by Vietnamese National Assembly Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man.

Flahaut used to be President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. In December 2021, he submitted to the Belgian parliament a resolution on supporting AO victims in Vietnam, which was approved by the Belgian Chamber of Representatives on October 5 with 100% approval votes. The Belgian parliament is the first parliament in the world to adopt a resolution supporting AO victims.

Source: VNA