At the meeting

Speaking at the second congress of the association, Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga said that since the two countries established their diplomatic ties in 1973, their relations have kept growing with visits by their leaders and people-to-people exchange activities.

She said that to promote its role as a bridge between the two countries, the association, founded in 2013, needs to actively develop plans and programs on people-to-people diplomacy.

It is also suggested to further cooperate with ministries, agencies, and partners in organizing activities and expanding its partner network.

The association needs to focus on communications for external affairs and information technology application to help the Dutch people better understand Vietnam and its foreign policies and achievements in protecting and promoting human rights as well as the country's territorial sovereignty over seas and islands.

At the association’s 2nd congress, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Dao Xuan Hoc was re-elected as President of the association.

Source: VNA