The department said that the figure represents an increase of nearly 35% over 2021, showing that products made by domestic companies are becoming more popular in the world.

Major markets of the firms include European countries, the U.S. and Japan, while major exports include garments, coffee, peppercorn, and home appliances.

High-tech rubber band dampers at Tuong Lai Ltd. in Dong Nai

The department reported that in 2022, Dong Nai’s export revenue reached nearly USD 24.6 billion, while imports were nearly USD 19 billion, resulting in a trade surplus of USD 5.6 billion.

Foreign-invested enterprises still played the core role in the overall export revenue of the province, with contribution of over USD 18 billion.

However, experts held that local private enterprises will rise stronger in following years with higher competitiveness, especially in the areas of agriculture and garment and textile.

Source: VNA