The figure was down 0.12 percent from December and up 3.18 percent annually.

On eight-month calculation, the index rose by 3.96 percent year-on-year, the highest in the past five years.

The prices of educational services also increase in some provinces and municipalities.

Among 11 categories of goods and services, seven saw rising prices, including food and dining services up 0.11 percent, beverages and cigarettes 0.05 percent, housing and construction materials 0.1 percent, medicines and medical services 0.02 percent, transportation 0.1 percent, education 0.18 percent, goods and other services 0.2 percent.

Three others posted decrease in prices, including apparel, headwear and footwear 0.03 percent, post and telecommunications 0.05 percent, entertainment and tourism 0.2 percent.

Hike of school tuition for 2020-2021 academic year also pushed up education prices index by 0.18 percent from the previous month.

Exchange rate between Vietnamese dong and US dollar dropped by 0.08 percent, standing at 23,288 VND per US dollar on the free market.

Source: VNA