Producing rubber for export

The association revealed that in 2017, the country earned USD 2.3 billion from export of 1.4 million tons of natural rubber, up 36 percent in value and 11.4 percent in volume year on year.

The Vietnam Rubber Group alone produced over 250,000 tons of rubber latex and earned revenue of VND 21.38 trillion (USD 936 million), exceeding the plan by 20 percent. Its pre-tax profit reached over VND 4.1 trillion (USD 179.58 million), surpassing the yearly plan by 36 percent. The firm contributed VND 1.7 trillion (USD 74.46 million) to the State budget in the year, while paying its employees about VND 7.1 million (USD 310) each per month averagely.

Source: VNA