The value of exports going through the border gate in the period reached USD  855 million, up 186.1 percent against January last year, Vice Chairman of the Mong Cai city People’s Committee Nguyen Tien Dung was quoted.

The Mong Cai International Border Gate’s customs section said the agency approved 2,806 customs declarations from export and import enterprises from January 1 – February 4, with a total value of USD 2.9 billion, collecting VND 45.66 billion (over USD 2 million) for the State budget.

 Mong Cai International Border Gate 
Minh Thang port under Minh Thang Co., Ltd. was put into operation on January 29, carrying out customs clearances for about 20 containers per day.

Thanh Dat Inland Container Depot also witnessed bustling activities in January. Deputy Director of the port Thanh Dat said about 50-60 containers were cleared by customs at the port per day.

Nguyen Tien Dung said municipal authorities have worked to fully exploit the locality’s strengths of border-gate economy, contributing to changing the local economic structure.

The city has also held dialogues with enterprises and investors in the locality with the aim of timely addressing difficulties facing them.

Vo Hong Chung, Deputy Head of the Mong Cai International Border Gate’s customs section said his agency is willing to work around the clock for customs clearance at the gate.

To develop Mong Cai into a modern international border gate city, municipal authorities are focusing efforts on key infrastructure projects, such as the Bac Luan 2 Bridge, and the upgrading and expansion of Bac Luan Border Gate 1.

Administrative procedures were simplified while the time for customs clearance was shortened, helping reduce expenses for enterprises.

Source: VNA