Under the action plan, the Government set specific targets for socio-economic development for the regions.

The Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth in the period of 2021-2030 will reach 8-9% per year, and by 2030, the economic scale of the region will reach about VND 21 trillion (USD 90.5 billion), of which agriculture, forestry and fishery will account for 12-13%, industry and construction 45-46%, and services 37-38%.

A tea field in the midland province of Thai Nguyen

The GRDP per capita will be VND 140 million (USD 6,000) per year (at the current price), and the total state budget revenue will reach about VND 190 trillion (USD 8.1 billion).

The urbanization rate is about 40%, and 80% of communes meet new rural standards, of which 30% meet improved rural standards, and each province has at least three district-level units meeting new rural standards.

Regarding the labor force, the rate of trained workers reaches 65-70%, 35-40% of whom have occupational degrees and certificates.

The provinces set a target of decreasing the poverty rate by 2- 3% per year.

In terms of healthcare services, the provinces strive to reach a target of 32 hospital beds per 10,000 people, 11 doctors per 10,000 people, and 100% of commune health stations that can treat several non-communicable diseases.

Health insurance coverage is over 95% of the population.

The coverage rate of forests is set to reach 55%, while the percentage of people supplied with clean water is 95-100% for urban areas and 93-95% for rural areas.

The collection and treatment of hazardous and medical waste must reach 90% while the rate for solid waste reaches 100%.

All industrial parks and industrial clusters have standard wastewater treatment systems.

Source: VNA