The annual interest rates of G-bonds in March reduced by from 0.11 percent to 0.61 percent for all maturities, with the 10-year term recording the highest fall of 0.61 percent per annum.

Over 9.72 trillion VND raised from Government bonds in March. (Photo for illustration)

On the secondary G-bond market, the total volume of G-bonds sold by the outright method surpassed 183.7 trillion VND (7.7 billion USD), up 46.9  percent month-on-month in value.

Meanwhile, the trading volume through repurchase agreements (repos) exceeded 120.2 trillion VND (5.09 billion USD), up 48.21 percent.

Foreign investors made outright purchases of more than 7.3 trillion VND (306.2 million USD) and outright sales of over 9.2 trillion VND (385.9 million USD). They made repos sales of 193 billion VND (8 million USD).

The total value of listed G-bonds was estimated at nearly 1.13 quadrillion VND as of March 31.

Source: VNA