This year, NZTE continues its successful collaboration with major retailers AEON and LOTTE to make a wide range of New Zealand food and beverage products readily available to Vietnamese consumers.

(Photo for illustration)

The campaign, running until May 22, features leading New Zealand food and beverage brands such as Anchor, Anlene, Bostock, Fresh Co, Freshmax, Kiwi Crunch, Meadow Fresh, Mr. Apple, Olivado, Rockit, T&G, and Zespri.

Launched in Vietnam in 2021, the "Made with Care" campaign has become a key support for food and beverage trade between the two countries. This year's iteration marks a new phase of cooperation, underlining both nations' commitment to further expanding bilateral trade.

According to the NZTE, the food and beverage sector holds a key role in the trade relationship between Vietnam and New Zealand, accounting for 84% of New Zealand's exports to Vietnam, with a total value of 790 million NZD (483 million USD) by the end of December 2023. Major exports include apples, kiwi, dairy products, and wine.

Source: VNA