The action plan is designed with the aim to promote the effective and sustainable management, exploitation and use of natural resources, fuels and materials. It also encourages the development of environment-friendly, renewable, reusable and recyclable resources, fuels, materials and products.

The plan will promote models of sustainable production and consumption, thus creating green and stable jobs, advocating a sustainable lifestyle towards better life quality and a circular economy in the country.

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In the period from 2021-2025, the plan sets the goal of reducing fuel and material use of production industries such as textile-garment, steel, plastic, chemicals, cement, beverage, paper and aquatic product processing by 5 – 8 percent. Between 20 -30 models of sustainable production and consumption will be developed, and 85 percent of supermarkets and shopping malls will distribute and use environmentally-friendly packaging materials in replacement of disposable plastic packaging.

By 2030, the above-mentioned industries are projected to further cut their fuel and material use by 7-10 percent, and 100 percent of supermarkets and shopping malls will use environment-friendly packaging materials instead of disposable plastic packaging.

Enterprises will receive support to adopt sustainable practices in import-export and provided with guidance materials regarding international regulations, requirements and commitments on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Source: VNA