Apart from Muong Khuong mandarins, the trademark recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property, Lao Cai’s co-operatives and businesses are displaying local specialities such as Seng Cu rice, Muong Khuong chilli sauce, tea, honey, Thanh Son vermicelli, Muc grapefruit, turmeric starch, dried buffalo meat, wine, medical herbs, and more.

This is the first time the Week of Muong Khuong mandarin and agricultural products of Lao Cai have been introduced in Hanoi.

At the event

“The event is an opportunity to introduce agricultural products in Lao Cai province in general and Muong Khuong mandarins in particular to Hanoians. It also offers an opportunity to establish sustainable links between manufacturers and distributors, facilitating local enterprises to connect and develop markets, expand production along the value chain,” said Nguyen Truong Giang, Deputy Head of the province’s Department of Industry and Trade.

At the event, the Big C Trade Center and several Lao Cai agencies signed a memorandum of understanding on product sales.

The event will run through November 25.

This is part of a series of programs organized by Big C in co-ordination with ministries and localities to support the promotion activities to introduce and build brands for agricultural products, specialities across regions and localities of Vietnam.

Source: VNA