The Cai Lan Sea Port today, May 3rd, received the ship “MSC PEGGY”, the largest container ship to dock at the port to date.

The MSC PEGGY, of Panama, has a draught of 40,472 tonnes and a capacity of 32,696 tonnes. This 207m high and 32.24m wide ship carries 1,092 “TEU’s” (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units, a type of container carried by ship and then by truck) from HongKong (China) to Singapore.

This is a product of the Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the second largest global carrier in the world.

The Cai Lan deep water sea port, which is in Quang Ninh province, was recently upgraded to receive carriers of over 40,000 tonnes.

The port is expected to ship as much as 760,000 TEU’s of goods by 2017.

Source: LDDT

Translated by Mai Huong