As irradiation is compulsory to the export of farm produce to some markets, including the U.S., a legislator from the Northern province of Bac Giang, a lychee farming hub, asked the minister about measures for conducting irradiation of lychee, which is entering the harvest season, and many other fruits in the Northern region so as to meet technical requirements in some importing countries.

Dat said that previously, lychee of Bac Giang had to be sent to Ho Chi Minh City or Long An province in the South for irradiation, leading to high expenses. As the U.S. has strict requirements for fruit irradiation, the MOST is coordinating with the MARD to negotiate with the U.S. to open an irradiation center in the Northern region.


The irradiation and quality quarantine of fresh litchi for export to Australia

By the end of the year, lychee can be irradiated in the North in accordance with the U.S. standards to enter this market, he noted, expressing his hope that the move will help boost the export of lychee and other fruits.

Talking about shortcomings in the application of high technology to agricultural production, he said high-tech application to farming to improve labor productivity and farmers’ life quality is a major policy of the Party and State.

The MOST and the MARD are also working closely together to step up the application. Many businesses have engaged in this effort such as Loc Troi (rice production), TH True Milk (dairy production), and Dabaco (livestock farming).

In 2022, agro-forestry-fishery exports and imports stood at about USD 53.22 billion, which is partly attributable to the application of science and technology, statistics show.

However, the official admitted that there remains numerous barriers to the application, noting it requires large capital for infrastructure, production, and manpower development while there are also many latent risks in the field.

The MOST will consider revising mechanisms and policies while asking localities to develop high-tech agricultural zones in line with targets and orientations, and promote productivity and goods quality, Dat added.

Source: VNA