On March 30, SJC gold bars were sold for 80.82 million VND per tael, compared to over 75 million VND per tael at the beginning of the year.

The price of SJC gold bars rise to nearly 81 million VND per tael (one tael is equivalent to 1.33 ounces) in the last trading session of Quarter 1.

In March alone, the gold price rose by 1.25%, peaking at 82.5 million VND per tael in the period from March 10-12.

The global gold prices rallied 9% in March, driven by expectations of interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve this year and high demand on safe assets.

According to Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam Pham Thanh Ha, despite the complex price fluctuation, the gold market remained stable, causing no pressure on the official foreign exchange market.

Source: VNA