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In August, Vietnam imported more than 472,283 tons of fertilizer worth 159 million USD, up 54% over July in volume and 85% in value. This was the highest import volume since July 2021.

The fertilizer prices reached 338 USD a ton last month, up 19% on-month, but down 26% year-on-year.

Ending August, fertilizer imports rose 13% to 2.5 million tons, but the import value fell 19% year-on-year to 833 million USD.

During the period, the average price of imported fertilizer was estimated at 347 USD per ton, a 25% decrease from last year.

China is the country's biggest fertilizer provider so far this year, accounting for roughly half of all imported fertilizer with more than 1.2 million tons, valued at 375 million USD, up 15% on-year in volume and 14% in value.

It was followed by Japan, with more than 225,000 tons of imported fertilizer and worth 21 million USD.

Source: VNA