The group aims to earn annual operating profits while developing State capital invested in EVN and its own capital channelled into other companies.

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EVN takes responsibility for ensuring electricity supply and building smart power grids in an effective and concerted manner and which are capable of interconnection.

It must also guarantee power supply for residents in remote and mountainous areas as well as islands. The group has been asked to complete its digital transformation by 2025.

Another task by that year is to raise its customer service quality to a level on par with ASEAN’s top 3 countries (ASEAN-3) and maintain that ranking until 2045.

To achieve the targets, it will apply modern and environmentally-friendly technologies and promptly devise plans to improve existing coal-fired power plants so as to meet environmental protection requirements in each specific period.

The group will also bolster science and technology capacity, technology transfer in the field, and environmental protection efforts.

Source: VNA