Digitization in agricultural product traceability

Nguyen Quoc Toan, Director of the ministry’s Centre for Digital Transformation and Agricultural Statistics, said at a recent forum in Hanoi to promote digitization to support traceability of agricultural and food products that traceability is one of the eight key issues in digital transformation of the agricultural sector.

According to him, Vietnam currently has around 19,000 cooperatives, 14,200 enterprises, and 7,500 processing facilities in the agricultural sector, along with about 9,400 supermarkets and markets, which constitutes the Big Data part of the sector.

Therefore, traceability of agricultural products must be holistic and specific, he stressed.

State management in this issue aims to meet requirements of international integration, improve transparency and accountability for the sector, and increase farmers’ interests, he added.

Huynh Tan Dat, Deputy Director of the Plant Protection Department, said that the department has built a national database on planting area codes and export packing facilities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has a product tracing system, which is connected with eight similar systems of eight cities and provinces, with the participation of 3,964 enterprises and 16,987 agricultural and food products.

Source: VNA