Themed “Acculturation - Foundation for sustainable recovery and development,” the hybrid event gathered Vietnamese officials from Hanoi, delegates from the Czech Republic, Russia, Japan and France, and business representatives across Vietnam.

Speakers at the Culture & Business Forum 2021 held on December 5

In his opening remarks, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung said the forum provides a platform for academics and business community to discuss a common approach for acculturation to boost economic recovery. Right awareness will lead to good actions, he said.

He highlighted the role of culture in economics and vice versa, quoting then PM Phuc as saying “building business culture is building competitive edges, trade advantages, and Vietnam’s cultural identity in the global economic playground” during the launch of the “Building the Vietnamese business culture” in 2016. The PM also said “it is one of the important tasks for Vietnam’s government and its business community. It is part of the effort to turn the country into a start-up nation,” Hung added.

The forum’s first session saw academics discussing and telling stories about acculturation and values guiding economic recovery from the corporate culture perspective.

The second session paid attention to “corporate culture vaccine at the time of COVID-19” which highlights the significance of corporate culture in the face of economic fallout from COVID-19.

The event later reviewed the 5-year implementation of the “Building the Vietnamese business culture” campaign and honored enterprises with outstanding business culture.

Source: VNA