Participants noted that the growth pace of the agricultural sector has been slowed down, showing shortcomings of a sector formed by small-scaled household farms with loose connection and poor quality and productivity amidst fiercer global competition.

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According to Nguyen Duc Thanh, Head of the Institute for Policy and Economic Research, who is also a member of the Agriculture Alliance, it is necessary to remove institution-related bottlenecks, including official institutions such as policies and laws and non-official ones like customs, common perceptions and agricultural associations’ activities.

In order to develop sustainable agriculture, Andre Well – Dang, Senior Governance Advisor of Oxfam Vietnam, emphasized the need to foster cooperation between State agencies at the central and local levels, as well as among research institutes, associations, non-governmental organizations and media agencies.

Farmers should have the right to raise their voices in policy discussions, he said.

At the same time, Nguyen Van Tien, Head of the Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs under the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission, said that agricultural institutions, especially those related to land, finance, credit, market, science and technology, have shown many weaknesses and shortcomings.

Policies and mechanisms only focused on market segments with poor quality and raw processing, while links between farmers, cooperatives, enterprises and service providers remain weak, failing to create sustainable production and value chains.

In order to enhance farmers’ production capacity, Tien held that it is crucial to design policies to encourage farmers to expand their production and develop farm economy as well as form professional and high-quality farmers who can master science and technology.

Le Thi Ha Lien, Vice Director of the Center for Agricultural Policy Consultation, highlighted the importance of building diverse agricultural institutions to raise farmers’ incomes and boost the growth of green, smart and economical agriculture.

Participants also agreed on the significance to complete land and financial policies in agriculture.

Source: VNA