The plan aims to specify goals, tasks and solutions to realize the strategy and the national action plan for green growth.

The agricultural sector aims for 2.5-3% in annual growth.

Under the plan, the ministry will work to develop the agricultural sector in an ecological, organic, circular and low-carbon direction to improve growth quality, added value, competitiveness and sustainable development, while reducing pollution in agricultural production and rural areas, and promoting energy efficiency towards carbon neutralization by 2050.

Specifically, the sector aims for 2.5-3% in annual growth, and 42% in forest coverage.

It will strive to increase the use of organic fertilizers to 30% of all those consumed, along with 30% of pesticides and at least 30% of farm areas using water-saving systems.

The sector will switch 300,000 hectares of rice to other crops with higher economic and environmental efficiency, while aiming for over 2% of organic farms out of the total farming area.

It will also upgrade small-scale breeding farms to larger scale ones, while applying solutions to protect fishery resources sustainably, developing concentrated material forest areas, recovering natural forests, and dealing with pollution caused by agro-forestry-fishery processing activities.

The agricultural sector will also take measures to encourage green consumption, strengthening the building of new-style rural areas in a greener and more sustainable manner, and improving human resources.

In order to ensure resources for green growth, it will mobilize social resources, especially those from businesses, while calling for financial support and technology transfer through international cooperation activities.

Source: VNA