Lao officials are introduced about the operation of Vietnam’s Son La hydroelectric power plant.

The Son La hydroelectric power plant is the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia, with six turbines having a combined capacity of 2,400 MW. The plant generates over 10 billion kWh of electricity a year.

The operation of the plant has ensured absolute safety since it was commissioned nearly 10 years ago. Besides electricity generation, the plant plays an important role in preventing floods in the rainy season and supplying water in the dry season for the Red River Delta, while creating an impetus for socio-economic development in the northwestern region.

The Lao delegation has made a field trip and studied the operation of the plant with a focus on the safety of the dam and reservoir in the rainy season.

DESM Deputy Director Phoukhong Sengvilay said he is impressed by the plant, and particularly the fact that it was entirely designed and built by Vietnamese engineers.

He asked Vietnamese ministries, sectors and the Son La hydropower company to help Laos build regulations on dam safety and reservoir operation for hydropower plants in Laos.

Source: VNA