The news was announced by the Multilateral Trade Policy Department under the Ministry of Trade and Industry on April 16.

(Photo for illustration)

At present, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is making essential preparation for the implementation of the agreement. Accordingly, the ministry is listing a number of legal documents while suggesting that the Prime Minister should assign ministries and industries to build and/or amend existing documents that need to be issued right after the agreement becomes effective. 

It has also developed a draft action plan in preparation for the implementation of EVFTA. The plan sets the targets, clearly defines missions, and names the list of main forces involved in carrying out the agreement. It also emphasizes the need of close coordination among forces in implementing the deal. 

Accordingly, relevant units will promote dissemination of information on the agreement and EU markets, build legal documents and regulations, raise the competitiveness of businesses, and develop human resources.

Translated by Tran Hoai