Of the total, exports were valued at USD 465.7 million, up 4.1%, and imports USD 755.8 million, up 51.3%.

Vietnam’s main exports included fruit and vegetables (USD 44.8 million, up 230%), petrol and diesel (USD 52.4 million, up 268%) and fertilizers (USD 26.5 million, up 53.4%).

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The country mainly imported rubber (USD 169.3 million, up 58.7%), fertilizers (USD 67.4 million, up 123.3%), and wood and wooden products (USD 106.2 million, up 49.7%) from Laos.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Laos, at the current growth pace, the two-way trade value may reach USD 1.6 billion this year, up 20% year-on-year, fulfilling the target set by the countries’ senior leaders at the 44th meeting of the inter-governmental committee on bilateral cooperation.

Source: VNA