At the meeting, both sides discussed technical issues to clarify their labor policies and regulations, as well as issues of priority and concern.

They agreed to finalize negotiations and sign the agreement as soon as possible in 2021, with a view to bringing more Vietnamese laborers to work in Israel in the field of agriculture.

Vietnam and Israel kicked off negotiations on a labour cooperation agreement on January 21.

Israel has a high demand for migrant workers, particularly in agriculture, healthcare, construction and restaurants, among others, while Vietnam has an abundant supply of hardworking and educated workforce.

Both nations have huge advantage to further collaboration thanks to the complementary nature of the two economies.

Vietnamese exports to the Mediterranean Sea country slight fell in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Vietnam witnessed strong surge in its key exports like coffee, footwear, cashew nut, telephones and spare parts, seafood, and garment and textile.

Source: VNA