Hue said that with an average growth target of 6.5-7 percent per year in the coming time, ensuring energy for economic growth is essential for Vietnam.

He suggested the company work with the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade to consider participating in bidding for component projects of the 6,000 MW Ca Na LNG power central one in the south-central province of Ninh Thuan that are expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2021.

N.A. Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue receives Christian Bruch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Germany-based Siemens Energy AG.

In the coming time, the Vietnamese National Assembly will review legal regulations on business and investment, and roll out a road-map to amend and supplement necessary contents to facilitate business and investment of both domestic and foreign enterprises, he stressed.

Hue expressed his hope that Siemens Energy AG will urge the German Government and the governments of countries where it is investing in to continue to provide vaccines against COVID-19, medical supplies and equipment for Vietnam and help the country buy back redundant vaccines.

Vietnam hopes to achieve herd community as soon as possible so that it can return to normal activities and ensure that production and supply chains are not disrupted, added Hue.

The Siemens Energy AG leader said that with the desire to participate in energy projects in Vietnam, his company will comply with the requirements prescribed by Vietnamese law and continue to look for investment opportunities in this field in the future.

Regarding the COVID-19 fight, he stated that his company has worked with the German Government to promote the supply of medical equipment and vaccines to Vietnam through the Government channel; and is doing its utmost to support Vietnam’s access to vaccines as well as medical equipment.

Expressing his pleasure at the German Government’s decision to present 2.5 million vaccine doses to Vietnam, Brunch stated that Siemens Energy AG will continue to promote this effort to contribute to assisting Vietnam and other countries in the fight.

Source: VNA