The five-part book was a collaboration of scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)’s Institute of China and Contemporary Asia (ICCA) and research fellows and students at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)’s Institute of Asian and African Studies. It was funded by a foundation for promoting Russia-Vietnam cooperation.

The cover of the book

The first part of the book covers the characteristics and development trends of Vietnam's economy, and a brief assessment of the country’s socio-economic situation during 2010 - 2020. Part two provides an overview on its leading sectors and fields serving foreign trade. Part three summarizes Vietnam's economic and trade relations with leading partners in the world. The last two parts contain information necessary for the registration and operation of a foreign enterprise in Vietnam, including the administrative and legal environment.

Speaking at the book launch ceremony in Moscow on December 16, Maxim Golikov from the Presidential Experts’ Directorate under the Russian Presidential Executive Office said Vietnam is a leading developing country in Southeast Asia and one of Russia's priorities, but information about the economy for businesses is still lacking.

The handbook with an overview and in-depth analysis of the market is very useful for Russian firms, he noted.

Vietnamese Trade Counselor in Russia Duong Hoang Minh said he believes that this scientific publication will contribute to promoting trade and investment between the two countries.

Kiril Babaev, acting director of the ICCA, added that this is a very useful book for both the scientific and business communities.

Source: VNA