Photo for illustration: asia.nikkei.com
He made the statement while receiving Governor of Hokkaido prefecture Takahashi Harumi in Ho Chi Minh City on August 8.

Ho Chi Minh City will be a gateway for Hokkaido’s firms to enter other markets in Southeast Asia, he said, pledging to create favorable conditions for Japanese firms to trade in the city. The move will help enhance cultural and economic exchanges between the two localities.

Harumi said that cooperation between Vietnam and Hokkaido began in oil exploitation.

The Japanese prefecture and Vietnam currently cooperate in agriculture, fishing, technology, education and culture through businesses from both countries.

She affirmed that Vietnam is an important partner of Hokkaido.

A conference to popularize Hokkaido in Ho Chi Minh City will be a good opportunity for businesses from the two localities to strengthen cultural exchange as well as tourism and economic collaboration, she said.

Source: VNA