The workshop on enhancing value chains and promoting reforms in technical education and vocational training for Vietnam’s sustainable growth brought together experts and academics, and was attended by Vietnamese Ambassador to Denmark Luong Thanh Nghi.

At the event

Nghi delivered a keynote address highlighting Vietnam’s sustainable development strategy and an outlook for Vietnam-Denmark cooperation.

He also introduced Vietnam’s economic growth and achievements in recent years and gave an overview of the two countries’ relations, particularly in economy, trade and investment, and an outline of opportunities and challenges for the country in fulfilling SDGs.

Vietnam’s economic achievements and investment attraction are very encouraging, the diplomat said, adding that foreign investors have contributed greatly to the country's import-export performance and economic growth.

Some 70% of Vietnam’s exports have been contributed by the FDI sector, Nghi said, while domestic firms only accounted for around 30% of total shipments, meaning contribution made by Vietnamese enterprises in foreign trade remained relatively small.

He urged for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to address challenges and unlock opportunities for the achievement of sustainable development amid many global uncertainties.

The ambassador expected that Vietnamese, Danish and foreign experts and academics participating the event will put forth recommendations in policy-making and support Vietnamese companies to heighten competitiveness and climb up value chains.

Source: VNA