The move aims to improve the competitiveness, effectiveness and transparency of project procurement.

The ADB and the WB will use the Vietnam National E-Procurement System to conduct online bidding for construction and goods supply contracts for their projects.

Initially, the ADB, the WB and relevant agencies plan to carry out online bidding for 15 procurement packages worth more than USD 71 million in projects funded by the two banks. Detailed information about these packages will be published on

Bid invitation documents will be publicized by the VNEPS and bidders will compile and submit their bid dossiers online.

Earlier, thanks to coordination between the Public Procurement Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the two banks, modules for online bidding for these packages were built and integrated into the VNEPS on January 1 this year.

The VNEPS, run by the national e-procurement center, was put into operation nationwide in 2016.

Source: VNA