In the 5th minute, Saudi Arabia almost scored after a dangerous cross from the right flank. Luckily, there were no player that could touch the ball inside the box.

One minute later, Vietnam's Nguyen Cong Phuong broke through the defense and made a shot but it didn't hit the target. Cong Phuong received a yellow card after his foul in the midfield in the 8th minute.

Vietnam lost 0-1 to Saudi Arabia in their match on November 16 evening

In the 11th minute, Vietnam's main striker Nguyen Tien Linh picked up a long pass from Nguyen Quang Hai and got a chance to face the keeper, but he was offside.

Vietnam didn't approach the game defensively as usual. Although Saudi Arabia are still on the front foot here, Vietnam are doing well to soak up the pressure and then spring forward dangerously.

In just five minutes, Saudi Arabia keeper Mohammed Al-Rubaie had to block two shots from set-pieces of Vietnam.

In the 22nd minute, Quang Hai dribbled past a midfielder then let it fly with an ambitious effort that never looked likely to go in.

Five minutes later, Tien Linh picked up a long pass again and he was once again offside.

After half an hour into the game, Vietnam committed six fouls while Saudi Arabia had three.

In the 31st minute, a cross from the right flank found Saleh Al-Shehri as he headed it in. Keeper Bui Tan Truong tried to save the ball but it already went over the line.

Saudi Arabia did well to work the ball into the box as attackers darted along the goal-line and one of them found the net.

In the 38th minute, Vietnam’s captain Que Ngoc Hai received a yellow card after a heated situation and he will miss the next match. Saudi Arabia captain Salman Al-Faraj also copped himself a yellow for fouling Cong Phuong.

There is only one additional minute in the first half. After the first 45 minutes, Saudi Arabia led Vietnam by one goal.

Main striker Nguyen Tien Linh gets a chance to face the keeper.

Just two minutes into the second half, Al-Shehri almost scored again with a tap-in, but keeper Truong was quick to the action and caught the ball cleanly.

After that, Saudi Arabia increased pressure on Vietnam even though they were taking the lead.

In the 69th minute, captain Ngoc Hai caught a volley right at the edge of the box but his bouncing effort went wide of goal.

In the 78th minute, Nguyen Thanh Chung was robbed of possession and Saudi Arabia netted again with a tap-in. However, after reviewing the situation on VAR, the referee called off the goal as Chung was fouled.

Four minutes later, Thanh Chung got a yellow after trying to stop an attack. Freekick for Saudi Arabia.

And three minutes afterwards, the referee gave Nguyen Van Toan a yellow for diving inside the box.

Four minutes were added to the second half. In the 92nd minute, Phan Van Duc was put in a comfortable position to shoot, but he didn't hit the target.

Two minutes later, the ball found Van Duc's head again from a corner but it didn't go in. That was also the last chance for Vietnam in the game.

With this defeat, Vietnam remained at the bottom of Group B after losing all six matches, while Saudi Arabia strengthened their top position with 16 points.

Source: VNA