Children joining a run in Ho Chi Chi Minh recently (Photo for illustration)

The series includes three main events, namely a flashmob performance, a run entitled “LofKun Happy Run” in Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street, and “Lof Bus - Love ride” at the city’s Youth Cultural House.

The flashmob will draw the participation of 3,000 children from 57 provinces and cities nationwide. The performance is expected to set a record for the largest number of children participating in an event in Vietnam. 3,000 other children under 15 years old will take part in the Lof Kun Happy Run.

The events will also witness the participation of celebrities such as football player Luong Xuan Truong,  comedian Xuan Bac, among others.

The “Lof Bus - Love ride” event aims to continue supporting 800 children of the city who have been orphaned by the pandemic.

Translated by Chung Anh