PANO - The American Cable News Network (CNN) has announced a list of top 10 delicious dishes in the world, including the “nem ran” (fried spring roll) from Vietnam.

CNN reported that Vietnam’s crunchy spring rolls might not enjoy similar popularity as their healthier fresh equivalent, but they are not to be overlooked. Spring rolls with a crispy shell and soft veggie and meat filling are dipped in a tangy sauce to make a perfect dish.

The report also said that the spectrum of Vietnamese dishes is surprisingly refined and diverse, and that each city or even each village has its own unique local specialities.

Besides the Vietnamese rolls, some other cuisines in the list are beef noodles (Taiwan), Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (Italy), gun tong gaau (Hong Kong), laksa – a spicy noodle soup (Malaysia), and Kobe Beef Kaiseki (Japan).

Translated by Van Hieu