Angelina Jolie and Ngo Thanh Van. Photo: Vnexpress

Vietnamese model and actress Ngo Thanh Van is back home after attending the premiere of the 3D “Kungfu Panda 2” in California, the US, where she met her idol, actress Angelina Jolie.

“On getting an invitation from MegaStar and DreamWorks Animation, I accepted immediately,” she says.

“I was happy to have a chance to meet and talk to Jack Black [who is the voice of the hero Po in the movie] and Angelina Jolie, someone I have always admired.”

She presented Black a red T-shirt with a yellow star representing the Vietnamese national flag and a conical hat with the message "To Jack Black with love from Vietnam."

She was taken in by Jack’s humor and informality, and he complimented her looks in her red ao dai.

“I was nervous about meeting Angelina Jolie and Jack Black. On seeing Angelina, I could understand why she is the most attractive woman on the planet and one of the most influential people.”

Van gave Jolie a book with pictures of beautiful Vietnamese landscapes as a gift for Pax Thien, her adopted son, to remember his roots.

“Angelina Jolie’s eyes sparkled as she received the book. She turned each page over and thanked me.”

“Pax will like it, I believe. He often finds and collects photos about Vietnam,” Jolie said.

Van also watched 65 minutes of the film with them and took a tour around DreamWorks studio.

“Kungfu Panda 2” is a sequel to the smash 2008 hit “Kungfu Panda” about a panda named Po who becomes a kungfu master.

The movie hits Vietnamese screens on June 1, International Children’s Day.

Source: tuoitrenews