A booth displaying Vietnamese books at the 14th Asian Festival of Children’s Content (Photo courtesy of Kim Dong Publishing House)

With over 70 programs featuring more than 100 writers and speakers from Singapore and around the world, AFCC 2023 explores the different dimensions of “Play” through books, stories, and performances.

Vietnam is the country of focus at the event, which runs from May 25-28. It is expected to highlight the history of children’s literature in Vietnam and publishing opportunities as well as showcase the best picture book illustrations.

A representative of Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House said, to prepare for the festival, the unit has designed catalogs to introduce the publishing house as well as publications in English along with bilingual and multilingual books.

It will also actively collaborate with foreign partners at the event to explore children's books that meet its criteria and target audiences to publish them in Vietnam, the representative added.

AFCC is an annual festival that promotes and advocates the creation, development and appreciation of quality Asian stories for children and young people. It provides opportunities for writers, illustrators, translators, editors, publishers, academics, teachers, librarians, and parents to meet, learn about each other and develop cross-cultural collaborations.

Source: VNA