PANO – The Vietnam International Exhibition on Film and Television Technology – Telefilm 2016 took place in Hanoi on July 13th.

Telefilm, an annual event co-held by Vietnam Television, Television Advertising and Services Center and Adpex Joint Stock Company, is held for television stations.

After three years, the event made important contributions to the development of filmmaking and television industry in Vietnam.

The opening ceremony

This year, more than 200 companies from 15 countries and territories, such as the US, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, India, and Turkey, took part in the exhibition with 350 booths. The event also attracted popular local producers,  such as Cat Tien Sa, Song Vang and Viet com.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnam Television (VTV) Director General Tran Binh Minh said that Telefilm 2016 will draw the attention of people at home and abroad. In the trend of integration and development, the Vietnamese television industry sees fast growth in technology so that this exhibition is an opportunity for both domestic and foreign television stations to seek business opportunities and share experience in television technology, and catch up with modern trends of development.

During the event, a number of seminars will be held, namely “new technologies in producing TV programs”, “the roles and effects of social networks on the television industry”, “building social networks and voice and radio market from the perspective of Vietnamese people” and “Copyright protection”. 

On this occasion, people will have a chance to meet and interact with actors from the movie “Zippo, Mustard and You”, and popular MCs from VTV’s programs, and enjoy the virtual studio.

Translated by Hong Thanh