At the ceremony to receive the title

The traditional costumes of the Red Dao ethnic minority groups are sophisticatedly decorated in various patterns. The common decoration patterns on Red Dao women’s trouser legs are red, yellow, and white squares and rectangular figures, pine trees, and rhombuses which create harmony and balance in the costumes.

Head-scarves are also integral items of the Dao people. The scarves, which are embellished with flower or geometrical patterns, demonstrate the Dao people’s diligence, meticulousness, and creativeness as well as their responsibility for protecting and promoting cultural values.

The recognition of traditional outfits of Red Dao ethnic minority people as an intangible cultural heritage is a significant cultural event which contributes to preserving and promoting traditional cultural values and honoring heritages. It also helps encourage the community to promote the dissemination of cultural values of ethnic minority groups in Tuyen Quang province and is a call to recover the treasures of these ethnic groups.

On the occasion, a cultural, sports, and tourism festival was also held in Na Hang district on October 12 and 13 with various activities, including a paragliding performance, tours to golden terraced rice fields, sports competition, the second Na Hang Then Singing and Tinh (a stringed musical instrument) Festival, the show of costumes of ethnic minority groups, and a visit to Na Hang-Lam Binh natural preservation area.

Translated by Tran Hoai